Western Independent Bankers

Furniture Dealer: Imago Associates


Western Independent Bankers inform, educate and connect independent banks on the West Coast. The company, established in 1937, was ready for a makeover. They had outgrown their current facilities and were moving to a larger space in a San Francisco highrise. The organization's existing furniture had grown with them but was now past it's prime. A detailed budget was established and the goal set to achieve the functional requirements with maximum visual impact. Everything would be new but the budget would not be exceeded. Every dollar was carefully accounted for. Just what you'd expect from a financial client!


Imago Associates merged new, custom designed and value-engineered private offices from local manufacturer DFm with reclaimed furniture from several sources for the cubicles, conference room and filing for a seamless look. New ergonomic seating was evaluated and purchased. Careful consideration was made to matching finishes and fabrics between the new and recycled products. The client personally took responsibility for plants, artwork and several ancillary pieces to further stretch the budget and stamp the space with their personal touch. A reception station was sourced through a business associate. The net result is a space that will stand the test of time as this young company continues to grow.