About Us

The name Imago is derived from the Latin root for the word imagine. Reflecting on 20 years in the commercial office furniture business, founder and Principal Robin Moorad imagined that there was a more environmentally positive way to furnish commercial spaces; an opportunity to purchase, distribute and manage the sale of office furniture that would provide a financial benefit for businesses, be profitable and contribute in a positive way to the community and the environment. Her philosophy is grounded in the tradition of the 3 R’s of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Why not creatively re-use furniture whose life can be extended before utilizing new resources thereby lessening the impact on the environment?  To quote the old phrase, “Waste not, want not?”

The Imago Associates business model is a straightforward one: purchase used office furniture products from corporations that are growing, or going out-of-business or changing in some way. Imago takes that furniture and repairs, re-builds, and reclaims for sale to other businesses.

Imago’s liquidation customers appreciate the professionalism and depth of experience. Liquidation can be an unpleasant experience if not managed professionally resulting in significant downtime for a corporation.

Imago customers who purchase recycled office furniture appreciate the 30%-50% savings that they realize by purchasing previously owned furniture. See our Portfolio for examples of successful projects.

The environmental benefits of re-using commercial furniture are simple:

No new resources are tapped resulting in zero environmental  impact. Re-use of existing is the first and one of the simplest steps towards eco-efficiency.

Reclamation of an average floor of office furniture diverts 25-30 tons of waste from the landfill softening our footprint on resources already tapped.

Imago Associates acknowledges that reclamation of commercial furniture is but one small step in a cohesive plan of eco-efficiency. We recommend that in addition to re-using existing furniture creatively, that customers and design and building professionals seek out manufacturers of new office furniture whose environmental practices are sound. See: Allsteel, Herman Miller, Knoll and Teknion.

In 2006 Robin Moorad and Imago Associates were chosen as one of the winners of the Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence and OPEN from American Express’s Make Mine A $Million program at the NAWBO conference in San Francisco.. Selected from over 500 applicants from around the United States the Imago Associates business model struck a cord with the selection committee and members of the audience.