Centex Regional and Divisional Headquarters

Architect and Designer: Interform Commercial Interiors
Furniture Dealer: Interform Commercial Interiors


The clients' goal was to merge four functionally different business groups into one new space in San Ramon, CA. Clients and vendors, along with their own staff would utilize the space. Therefore, Centex desired a high visual that would support their image as a premier home builder as well as an integrated look to facilitate the merging of the four internal  groups. The challenge was to accomplish this within a fixed budget to the satisfaction of all the different entities. They would not be moving any of their old furniture into the space. Centex was particularly interested in utilizing quality finishes that would be evocative of the homes they are famous for.


A decision was made early in the project to mix carefully selected and placed new products alongside pre-owned furniture purchased to maximize the budget. Three different used furniture inventories were merged with the new selections for the final result. Reclaimed workstations were purchased with fabric faces which were selectively replaced with new wood faces from Teknion. Each private office mixed pre-owned recycled and matching new components side-by-side for a custom look. Public areas highlighted new furniture selected in concert with assistance from Centex's own designers. The result is a striking example of creative re-use and strategically placed new furniture. The budget was met, the space created was beautiful and the move took place on time.