UCSF Department of Community Psychiatry

CAC Real Estate Management Company, San Francisco, CA
Architect and Designer: Gensler, San Francisco, CA
Furniture Dealer: Imago Associates


The client provides an array of services to the City of San Francisco's mentally ill population. Their existing facility was aged and did not support the needs of the community or the providers of care.  It was dark and unfriendly, colors were muted and space was insufficient for their needs. The new facility must  provide a fresh and welcoming face to the community, accommodate growth and meet the stringent budget guidelines that are a part of any academic and government entity.


Imago Associates was approached to provide a low-cost, aesthetically pleasing environment using predominantly pre-owned and recycled furniture. The final solution included a generous donation of previously owned furniture from Deloitte Touche, refurbished Haworth workstations with new paint and fabric, and  recycled "as-is" products from various Bay Area companies. New products were used only after extensive research and the determination that the functionally appropriate pieces were not available in the recycled marketplace. All the furniture was sourced by Imago Associates and approved by the design team at Gensler. Furniture was collected and stored over a period of eight months as the new space was under construction. The result is a pleasant and inviting environment supporting the needs of some of our most vulnerable citizens.