Imago Associates liquidates used office furniture from corporations that are growing, or going out-of-business or changing in some way. We are happy to come to your facility to review and discuss this process and can provide you with an estimated value for your excess furniture assets.

Our emphasis is on creative re-use of your unwanted furniture by re-using it "as-is" or refurbishing it for sale to others. We are proud to be actively involved on a day to day basis with designers and architects who are excited to incorporate your unwanted commercial furniture into projects for other small business, institutional and non-profit customers. See "portfolio" for several examples of this approach.

If we are unable to purchase and re-use your furniture on our own existing projects we can arrange to wholesale your items to other office furniture resellers. We are members of several organizations that re-distribute furniture assets nationwide.

In the event that we cannot re-use, repurpose or re-sell your furniture assets we will manage the removal and disposal of your goods using a fully insured, professional labor force, pre-approved and accepted by your building's management to remove your items on time and at a guaranteed price. We are happy to provide references from corporations who have successfully utilized our services in this way.

Lastly, if we must dispose of any of your items we guarantee to do so in the most environmentally efficient way.