Environmental Benefits of Reuse

Reusing commercial furniture has multiple benefits to our environment:

•      Landfill Diversion:
The vast majority of used commercial furniture is not re-purposed and ends up in your local landfill when the original buyer is "done" with it because of the perceived complexity and cost involved in cataloging, transporting, storing and re-distributing to others. Through re-use we can stop the encroachment of landfill into our environment.

•      Preservation of Virgin Resources:
By reusing existing products we protect untapped natural resources. Simply put, society and the environment benefit when fewer resources are used .This explanation can be expanded to include not just the products themselves but the additional resources required  (or not, in the case of the repurposed products) for packaging  materials  and transportation required to bring new products to the marketplace. There is a huge opportunity to divert and decrease waste into usable commercial products through reuse. Furniture products sold as “commercial” grade typically come with a lifetime guarantee and are built to be reused. In 2006 the market for new commercial furniture in the United States was estimated at $13.4 billion.

•    Human Potential:
The green jobs created by actively managing re-used products is the human equivalent of “resource efficiency” providing employment and economic growth by adding value to existing resources. The jobs created are filled by an educationally and economically under-served population The self-esteem achieved through full participation in society cannot be measured in traditional terms. By creating jobs we value people.

•    Economic Benefits: T
he cost savings to furnish a space with reused furniture is typically 30-50% of the equivalent new furniture--- A phenomena not unlike the depreciation of a new car as it’s driven off the lot---leaving those untapped financial resources to be used in other ways.

At Imago Associates we believe that waste is never a good value.