Northern California Internet Company

Architect and Designer: The Smith Group

Building Management: The Shorenstein Company

Contractor: Team Commercial Construction

Furniture Dealer: Imago Associates


An Internet Company was expanding quickly and taking on an additional floor in their urban high-rise. The user group needed a flexible space. The budget was minimal but continuity of design aesthetic was important as existing users were moving from current real estate to join the new hires. There was existing furniture on the floor which came with the lease including private offices, cubicles, seating and filing. The cubicles were attractive and in excellent condition but did not reflect the space needs or corporate culture of the company.


It was determined with the Director of Real Estate to sell and remove the existing cubicles and add any profit from the sale into the project budget. Imago Associates managed this process. Client retained all seating and filing and private office furniture for re-use. Architect advised on ways to obtain the best aesthetic for the least amount of money recommending creative use of color applied to the furniture, the walls and the use of striking carpet circles cut into the existing carpet delivering a fun and attractive aesthetic for the user group. Lighting was modified as well. Imago Associates recommended a refurbished panel solution because it matched both the functional and aesthetic requirements of the job while keeping costs down. New, custom desks were created to reflect the flexible needs of the user group. The entire full-floor project came in at approximately $25. Per square foot and was completed in 120 days.